Palmistry Classes

Palmistry is an ancient practice that is both an art and a science, based on scientific principles that can be learned by anyone. It is a powerful tool for guidance and self-discovery, with the hand often referred to as “God’s Road Map.” The School of Oracles offers in-depth training in Palmistry, with a focus on preserving and perpetuating this sacred art in a manner that honors its wisdom, healing and illumination.

This class is suitable for anyone who is curious to know themselves and others better and for those who would like to become a professional Palmist. The course covers every aspect of the hand, including the shapes, lines, fingers, and seven planetary archetypes. Students will have ample practice in reading hands and learn how to make a synthesis of the information they find.

Palmistry has been used as a means of psychological insight and divination for thousands of years, as the hand changes with the individual, it is an up-to-the-minute report from one’s Higher Self. It provides insight into various areas of one’s life, including health, financial security, talents, strengths, and weaknesses. It also shows the best choices for a fulfilling life for the unique individual.

In these challenging economic times, this class can be useful for those who would like to increase their earning capacity by turning an avocation into a vocation. As reported by The New York Times, psychic-related businesses are on the rise, and Palmistry is one of the many ways that individuals can benefit from this trend.