Reading By Phone

Palmistry is a unique method of divination that involves interpreting the lines and features of a person’s hand to reveal insights about their character and future. While Astrology and Tarot can be done over the phone or online, Palmistry can also be done remotely with the help of a photograph. By sending a clear, well-lit picture of your palm, a skilled Palmist can gain a wealth of information about you.

Here are some tips for taking a high-quality photograph of your hand for Palmistry:

  • Take the photo outside in natural light for the best results. An overcast day is ideal, but a sunny day can also work as long as the palm is not directly in the sunlight.
  • If taking an indoor photo, position your hand near a window for optimal lighting.
  • Include both your palm and fingers in the photo for the most detailed reading.
  • Consider taking a photo of both hands as each one holds unique information. The recessive hand represents traits and characteristics you were born with, while the dominant hand reflects your current state and future potential.